How to Install and Stream IPTV on Grundig Smart TV

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Grundig Smart TV has two different operating systems, Android TV OS and Fire TV OS. You can stream IPTV on both OS of the Grundig Smart TV. There are various IPTV Players available on the market. Here, we have taken Purple IPTV and IPTV Smarters Pro apps to test the IPTV streaming capability on the TV.

In Grundig Android TV, you can install as well as sideload the IPTV application. For Grundig Fire TV, you have only a sideload option to stream the IPTV content. Before moving to the methods, you must get the best IPTV provider subscriptions to watch your favorite live TV channels and on-demand content.

In this article, you will learn how to stream various IPTV content on your Grundig Smart TV with the different methods mentioned below.

How to Install IPTV on Grundig Android TV

In Android TV OS, you can install the IPTV directly on the Play Store. Otherwise, you can also sideload the IPTV using the USB Drive.

Install the Purple IPTV from the Play Store

[1] Connect the Android TV to a stable internet connection.

[2] Go to the home screen and select the Apps section.

Select the Apps section on Grundig Android TV
Select the Apps section

[3] Navigate to the Google Play Store tile and launch the store.

[4] Search and install the Purple IPTV on your TV.

[5] After installation, launch the app and select the Login option.

Click on the login option

[6] Then, click on the Skip button and hit the Add Playlist option.

Tap on the Add Playlists option

[7] Choose any of the Playlists (Load Playlist From URL or Login with Xstream URL).

Select any of the Playlists
  • Load Playlist From URL – Enter the Playlist name, M3U URL, & EPG URL of your IPTV providers and click on the Add Playlist button.
  • Login with Xstream URL – Provide the Playlist name, Username, Password, and port URL of your IPTV provider and tap the login button.

[8] Choose the added playlist and make a Profile.

[9] Now, you can watch your favorite IPTV content on your smart TV.

Sideload IPTV Smarter Pro Using the USB Drive

[1] Open the Settings on your TV and tap the Device Preferences option.

[2] Choose Security & restrictions and turn on the toggle next to Unknown Sources.

Enable Unknown Sources

[3] On your PC, download the IPTV Smarters Pro APK file from the browser.

[4] Copy and paste the APK file to the USB drive connected to the PC.

[5] Eject the drive and plug it into the USB port of your TV.

Connect USB to Smart TV

[6] Launch the File Manager available on your TV.

[7] Go to the USB storage and select the IPTV Smarters Pro APK file location.

[8] Install and launch the application on your TV.

[9] Log in with the Xtream code or M3U URL of IPTV providers and start streaming live TV channels on your Grundig Smart TV.

How to Sideload IPTV on Grundig Fire TV

[1] Power on your Grundig Fire TV and click the Find icon.

Tap on the Find icon from the Grundig Fire TV

[2] Enter Downloader on the Search bar and select the app.

[3] Hit the Download icon to install the application.

Click on the Download icon

[4] Before launching the Downloader app, click on the Settings icon from the home screen.

[5] Choose My Fire TV tile from the Settings and choose Developer Options.

Select My Fire TV

[6] Select the Install Unknown Apps option from the menu.

[7] Choose the Downloader and click on it to enable Unknown source access.

Turn on Downloader

[8] Now, launch the Downloader app and enter the IPTV Smarters Pro download link on the field.

Enter the download link

[9] Click on Go to download and install the IPTV app.

[10] After installation, click on Open to launch the IPTV app on your Grundig Smart TV.

[11] Complete the login process with Xtream codes/ M3U URL credentials and start streaming your favorite content.

How to Setup IPTV Smarters Pro on Grundig Smart TV

1. Open the IPTV Smarter Pro application on your Smart TV.

2. On the home screen, click the Add User option.

3. Select the Load Your Playlist Or File/URL OR Login with Xtream Codes API option.

Choose the Playlsit

4. Enter the Xtream code credentials or M3U link on the field and tap the Add User button.

Enter the IPTV Credentials to stream the IPTV on Grundig TV

5. Finally, you can stream your favorite live TV channels and on-demand content on your TV.

Why Use VPN When Streaming IPTV on Grundig Smart TV

As IPTV has a lot of copyrighted content, there comes the question of whether IPTV is legal or not. Therefore, it is better to use a VPN service on any device before accessing IPTV services. It helps you hide your internet history and keep you completely anonymous. VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer excellent protection and are recommended for many smart TVs.


Can I Screen Mirror IPTV on Grundig Smart TV?

Yes, you can directly mirror your Phone/PC screen to the Grundig Android TV. But before mirroring the Grundig Fire TV, you have to go to Settings Display & Sounds Enable Display Mirroring on your TV.

Why is IPTV not working on Grundig Smart TV?

If you are facing issues with IPTV streaming on Grundig Smart TV, it may be due to poor internet connection, outdated firmware, or temporary bugs.

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