What are some interesting things about Mauritius?

Mauritius is one of the best island in the whole world it called the African master island

named Prince Maurice van Nassau, Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation with is also including India, Africa, Europe, China, and the Middle East diversity

located strategically between Europe

have an unbelievable and soothing shore you have ever seen it in your life five-star beaches with clear water

You have to enjoy the incredible range of water activities including surfing, you have ever seen it in your life

it’s a tropical paradise and Natural sceneries, people are friendly, the food is marvelous and delicious

the weather is so suitable for all the year

it is not too hot not too cold for who is in busy work and want to step away from the rush

and also have a lot of disposable income

it is a nice place to relax and restoring breath

there are many places to enjoy . Its a beautiful island with lots of things

to explore the area is so cool

Note: I am not recommend this place for who want to do long term business

you have to get through of the hub capital city,

Conversely there’s nothing interesting to see. 

when you plan to spend a vacation,

Africa has a gorgeous destination to consider

in the other side, you have to opt between the best and Mauritius is the favorite in my side

To visit the island quietly you need to know conditions  it all depends on your interests

Read :How to decide what is the Relevance destinations for your interests

and how long you could stay it is really not big island

if you go in summer to soak up the sun you not need to lodging as long duration

There are some beautiful and most visited places to go mostly on the West and Northern side of the island. 

I suggest the town of Curepipe

enjoy the stunning trio and serfs crater which is a high tourist attracted area

handled by and the Monvert Nature Park.

Visit Flic-en-Flac this town set in the western part of the island

it is one of the most and the longest beaches in the planet

Black River Gorges National Park

Picnic / hike in the rainforest 

-Kite Lagoon

Amazing water activities in One Eye

is a surfing spot in all of Mauritius,

One Eye, so named because, 

surfers will love the place playing in the exact spot in the sea to catch the perfect wave.

-Casela National park 

Collecting all trippers out there who are doing safari with their packages 

read more :How to experience the amazing trip of safari

do several activities,walk through big cats.

South Trip and North Trip: visit the seven-colored earth and enjoy all kind of kits in there,

the north includes also street food, local shopping, etc.:  waterfalls, Quad

bike enjoy all kind of kits in there

-Give a moment to historic monuments in the area

the Kalaisson Temple in Port Louis,

Maison Eureka in Moka

the Martello Tower Museum in Riviere Noire.

Delicious indian food to try

The Mauritian excellent cuisine is wide and varied,

which reflect tourists to come and taste every bunch of stuff out there

discover :the delicious tasty food known in Mauritius

they have served at dining eateries a luxurious resort

-try the Fresh seafood go and see an ultimate menu list full of modern fishes and plates,

look for nice restaurants such as

-Domaine Anna,

– Amigo restaurant,

-Chun PO seafood restaurant fried noodles


mine frit  fried noodles  Chinese-inspired plate, have a unique taste and cheap price

you can find almost every restaurant on the island mostly in street food

I make with chicken, eggs, and shrimp or touni with a few dumplings.

Mauritian Biryani – A Hyderabadi Variant of Biriyani

try Dewa in Rose Hill or Aka Roti present all around Port Louis capital

Is one of the best delicious food contain a flavoured rice 

with a huge list of spices, long grained Basmati rice and yoghurt. And potatoes are placed at the bottom  

 The Mauritian Version of Parata

A original of Indian food of Mauritian variety parantha, . eaten n with curry or chutney 

I highly advice you to go to the best Indian the extraordinary restaurant Flame N Grill in Curepipe.

2010 in Curepipe which does tasty pizzas


Mauritius is safe for tourists, no rip off tourists no afraid in the night ,

The people are extremely polite and helpful.

thus there is no chance to get robbed , 

-People language 

Most people Quite a bit of them speak English Hindi and French on top of being super nice

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