TP-Link ER605 Load Balancing Router – Failover / Backup Configuration For Dual WAN (ISP & Cellular)

TP-Link ER605 Load Balancing Router – Failover / Backup Configuration For Dual WAN (ISP & Cellular)

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  • good day sir im from philippines, i have a question, is is an auto failover? then what if the main ISP will restore the internet? so it automatically go back to main ISP from Backup ISP??

  • Just curious, why did you set the line backup test to manual instead of just using auto and let it decide who to ping and use the default DNS server? Did you find this an improvement?

  • Great video Daniel! This ER605 looks like what I've been searching for. But can you recommend a very similar AP that incorporates dual band WIFI? Since I'm technically not adept, I want something that is as easy to configure as you demonstrated. Thanks again

  • Good morning, I have 3 internet providers. in one of them I have an external fixed IP in order to be able to access IP cameras. I have the following equipment, Router prov1 with external fixed IP 27.152.352.52 and gateway, router prov2 with gateway, router prov3 with gateway, tplink R605 with gateway and a general router to manage the entire network, both wired and Wi-Fi, with a gateway. How do I have to configure the opening of ports and IP addresses, so that from the street I can enter and see an IP camera that is connected to the overall router. To enter I have to enter through my fixed IP, 27.152.352.52 and through the port 44444 that I have open. The IP of the camera is port 44444. How and where in the R605 do I have to configure so that entering through the fixed IP it reaches the camera?

  • Thanks for the video. Exactly what I'm looking to do. Now that you've had this running for a while, do you find it 'fails back' to primary automatically? You expressed some doubt at the end of the video… if I'm using PAYG LTE as my backup, I'd really like it to fail back to primary reliably.

  • as i understood you have mentioned about bad firmware? Could you please tell us ti which firmware you have upgraded?

  • Buenas, Tengo un TL-R605, en el cual tengo 2 WAN ISP, quisiera saber si pueden mostrar como configurar para que ciertas direcciones ip salgan solamente por una de las WAN, para que de esa manera no caduque la sesión en las páginas de las bancos y afip. Desde ya muchas gracias

  • how was the failover, does it kick in fast after primary ISP failed? how long does backup ISP kick in?

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