think off San Diego in california the affordable spot for tourism?

San Diego, mainly is a interesting spot

for me  as a explorer in the area acquainted of its awesome weather. There are lots of people with a sense of entitlement they are so social, has a special flow of diversity people including Mexicans,chinese and  tourists that come along every seasons in the year  and also a such a bunch of characteristics which make it the terrain as a sort of paradise and usually you will notice a variety of different vinicities that you can experience you can head to many kind of places and do stuffs like hiking and playing ice hockey in ice rinks and rock-climbing up in Mission Valley area. 

likewise,the city of San Diego is pretty where you can do a better shopping and dining.There are a lot of dedicated stores and online apps that sell everything you could be looking for , all that you expect you will get it in the zone,There is much of cultural, entertainment to enjoy ,theater, parks, trails, world renown golf, museums exhibit tours, and also the stunning Christmas stay in the Prado in Balboa park for surfers there is a wonderful beach to practise

If you want to explore multiculture spot with a moderate climate with few extremes you noting keep coming during May and June when the weather is the worst and  convenient to enjoy the beach and surfing  . In the case of comfort taking services of a large amount especially hospitals and healthcare, , San Diego can be a great place to live. If you value belonging and thriving civic culture, you will be absolutely settle to its magical state tour 

It is also safe to live in

you will observe a several person serving in the military so they always surrounded you therefore there is no problem to be quit

For who wandering to start a have put in your mind that it’s not a great place to to make money and do a business if you aim to that ,San Diego has some of the highest taxes as well in the contrary it is adequate for tourists  to come out and take the opportunity 

i suggest places to go,San Diego primarily known for it’s military Tendency thence they have .

Navy and Marines

These sides are so double view to see some extra scenes

In the south there is a Naval Base Coronado and aircraft carriers, 

Also you’ll see the Midway Museum and others In waterfront!

In the north orientation there is a Marine Recruit training  center and Navy Yard

San Diego Zoo 

Is animal wildlife sanctuary home which represent a chink number of endangered animals that feel stable animals out there are natural habitats, giving it a more realistic sight located in in Balboa Park.

Balboa Park

is a public park. The park is named in honor of the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa

people in the US consider it as the big city park it is so lovely

San Diego Comic-con International 

Old Town or the Embarcadero,

Gaslamp Quarter:

The Gaslamp Quarter is a town active nightlife featured. bars and cocktail attract teenagers,

while theaters are open to all kind of audiences offer films and sceneries, plays and comedy shows. Also international restaurants are characterized in the area 

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