The famous festivals in portugal

During the whole year, you can find many open air festivals held across the country

which are so widespread,it is kind of mix of a culture of the Portuguese

so discover more about these gorgeous events

these are the good ones

-Andanças festival

is a festival for the promotion of popular music and dance

as the primary means of learning and exchange between generations, knowledge, and cultures.

is a geat Portugal festival gathering all kind of people and strangers come from many places to dance and exchanging between generations,

knowledge culture immerse in the art bath shaking energy and load it and through body actions the festival goes along on one warm week, learn little various dances,

the people out there love to dance with each other and get relaxing,

listening to special music they prepare to welcome the party before dyeing houses to make it beautiful Sina houses,

they interconnect positivity between each other, This is such an amazing moment to be part of!


fantastic music festival and fascinating event it known of its impressiveness go discover adventures mall Maceio fiasco artists,

phoenix has modern music three months of full house vary a lot of foreigners letting time to pass well influence by its charming receive a lot of performed team singers, guitarists at advantage lead sometimes internationals to come out,

Leo lima is who is famous in the surrounding, fans come from all around the world the coexistence of music as a principal thing to is brutal out there that no way from it

one of the distinctive ingredients of the festival

undoubtedly it is the profit of fast fashion and Models feeding folks

getting what to wear they go-ahead to get rid of obesity through dancing

it is a comfortable and succcessful festival

where electric audience sign a competition between rivals this is what makes the show more enjoyable

-Rock festival in Rio Lisboa

Rock in Rio brings various bands and singers. it is a historical music festival which is also a world level event

Iron Maiden who record accordingly albums for the audience,

Guns N ROSES the most public bands attend li Originally created the first time in Rio de Janeiro and its first edition made in Lisbon, Portugal to make it in an international calendar.  

It is one of the most largest music events in the world

it generate 1.5 million people in the first edition which is a huge number

.The place, where organized near to the River Center,

known as “Rock City” contains a lot of square feet in area, two immense fast foods, two shopping centers,

two medical centers and a large infrastructure to meet the local audience in every year have the opportunity to see  the rock and international pop, 


Sumol Summer Fest is a summer festival that brings along the most popular artists every single year.

in a very relaxed atmosphere, festival-goers have Associate in Nursing equipped encampment high the Ribeira D’Ilhas beach. Music. Surf. Beach. Friends. the proper ingredients to ensure a weekend of pure fun in Ericeira.

, sumol festival have at their disposal a totally equipped encampment in a high the beach of Ribeira D’Ilhas. Music. Surf. Beach. Friends. the proper ingredients to ensure a weekend of pure fun in Ericeira.

-Super Block

Super Bock Super Rock is also known of rocks leads sponsored by Super bock beer foundation

that is always in an engagement with the music and the atmosphere out there

gathering luring many rock and metal fans, many famous artists attend the show to acquaint their art to the audience

It has also a cover that pushes it to be one of the biggest festivals in the country,

  many famous artists play the festival with special surrounding beats.

The festival has changed its location many times. 

-Festa das Cruzes, Barcelos

coincides with the summer solstice. To cele brate, people eat, drink and dance all night,

playfully hitting each other over the head with giant garlic-leeks (or, even more strangely, with squeaky plastic hammers).

Bonfires are lit and a spectacular display of fireworks explodes over the Douro.

A tradition that has become a part of São João is the annual regatta of the Barcos rebels, the boats in which port used to be shipped down the Douro


Easter Holy Week, culminating in Easter Sunday, is the major religious festival of the year. In Braga, processions snake round the city walls to the great cathedral, and every village has its own ceremonies.

The start of Holy Week is heralded by Palm Sunday

when the branch-waving faithful line the streets to commemorate the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.

Good Friday evening is palpably solemn, as innumerable processions follow the 14 Stations of the Cross, many believers doing public penance as they recall Christ’s suffering. In some villages, an effigy of the lifeless and bleeding Christ is carried through the streets

Feira Nacional do Cavalo, Golegã

Feira Nacional do Cavalo Golegã. Horse parades and races.

The celebrations for St Martin’s Day at 11 November each year,

with a grand parade and running of bulls,

also take place during this time. Casinos do Algarve Rally (mid-Nov), Algarve. Car rally

I hope you get the most beneficial infos about most intersting festivals in portugal

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