Drive Safari Tour Self Drive vs. Guided Safari Tour

Most people who travel to Africa for the first time will normally choose a safari tour, with a safari drive, guides, and a set itinerary.

obviously that probably makes sense.even if Africa can be intimidating and overwhelming for first time visitors.

in fact, I am not trying to convince you

remind you by Costs Involved in a Safari – What You Need to Know.

otherwise, with this article I will remind you of the option of self-drive safaris walks

self guided tour

if you want to know more head to:Discover Safari Game Walks

overall For some, it might just be the right way to travel.

What is a self-drive safari?

important to realize The meaning of self-drive safari tour is fairly obvious. besides It is a safari where you are in the driver’s seat,

in addition you do the planning, you spot the animals and you are responsible to get where you wish to get.

Who should not go on a self-drive safari?

without a doubt This is a tough question. further, I don’t like to say that a certain type of people should not do a safari self-drive tour.

But the truth is that this is a way of travel

that demands more from the traveler than an organized tour.

hence You have to be willing to do research beforehand. to be sure It is crucial that you read up on safety, rules, animal behavior (!), etc.

What would you do if an elephant charges?

to point out What if your vehicle is caught in a herd of buffalos?

chiefly Where are you allowed to drive?

also, Where are you allowed to camp? also, Are certain areas too dangerous to visit?

here is: Safari Safety Tips: Spot the Big 5 Safely in Africa

Where are you in like manner to see more animals?

These are all “problems”

you have to study before you leave for a safari self-drive tour.

not to mention, there is one honest question that

I would ask myself before deciding

in like manner What is your main motivation for going on a safari?
generally, Is it watching wildlife, seeing animals, and

Finding Hidden Safari Gems in addition to that learning about species, behavior, and life in the reserves?

If so, you should go on a guided tour in the area.

The guides have certainly an incredible amount of knowledge, and they can’t wait to teach you!

They will also help you spot more animals than you would ever manage on your own.

another key point Are you traveling for the adventure of “exploring” Africa, the feeling of being in the wild with the animals and African nature?

Well, then you should keep reading,

as a self-drive might be the right way to go.

indeed,Preparing for a self-drive safari!
What to bring?
also What you need to bring on a self-drive safari depends on what kind of accommodation

you’re planning on using. Camping or staying at lodges? Are you evidently cooking all your meals? Are you going on a real expedition into the wild,

or just cruising in the park for a couple of days? You get it.
Well, here is a list of the essentials:

A 4×4 vehicle (though in some parks like Kruger in South Africa, a 2WD sedan is sufficient)

that is to say Long-range fuel tank, Water tank with plenty of drinking water

First and above all aid kit Good maps GPS (not as crucial as good maps)

by and large Spare tire, jump-start cables, and towing straps
what’s more Tent, sleeping bags, and general camping equipment
another Torches and battery lamp Cooking appliances
and to be sure Satellite phone (if you’re really going into the wild)
also Binoculars and a camera!

Safety and Concerns!

kangaroo is one of the fatal animals you may face in your trip so be observative before take wherever steps

after all Some safety issues have already been mentioned.

And I won’t go in much detail here, other than briefly reminding you of the most important points.

with this in mind, On a self-drive safari, you have to be alert to the dangers that a guide would normally worry about for you. also, Traffic safety is an obvious concern

wherever you’re driving, but in Africa,

for one thing, to get through there are a couple of things you should remember.

The road quality can be way poorer than

what you are used to, so always keep an eye out for potholes and bumps.

And even more important,

in the dark, you have to remember that the wildlife you watch during the day, are still there at night and probably even more active.

Drive slowly and watch out for animals crossing the road in front of your vehicle.furthermore Animal behavior was the other point I mentioned. of course It is extremely important that you know

check more:Safari Travel Precautions to Take

what distance you should keep to the animals,

be vigilant of these dangerous kinds of animals

how specifically to react to their behavior ,understand when you are in danger.

must be remembered that A safari truck is not much protection if a rhino or elephant is attacking you.

elephant want to attack a visitor

Where and How?

Some parks are more self to drive friendly than others. also Parks in Southern Africa are typically easier to navigate and have better roads,

so for a first-timer,

point often overlooked I would probably recommend Kruger in South Africa,Etosha in Namibia, or Chobe in Botswana.

significantly All these parks have a high density of animals and you are likely to spot a lot of them without the help of a guide.
Wherever you go, the season you are traveling in is important. for this purpose Read ahead about what time of the year is better for your park of choice,

Or the other way after that find out what park is better at the
in addition time you will be traveling.

Also make sure that you make reservations ahead,especially if you will be there during high season!

But one thing is always the same, whatever time of the year you are traveling,

in view of being strict make sure you wake up early to see the best game.further Be out in your car by dawn,

which is when the animals are more active. Then have a rest at your camp during midday, before you go on an evening drive at dusk.

But always remember to check the opening hours for the park you’re in!

The best part of self-drive safaris!

most compelling evidence I have been on guided safaris and self-drives.also We saw way more animals on the guided tour and spotted pretty much all the species in the book.

in the same fashion nothing compares to the feeling of spotting a lion on your own!

It’s just significantly you and your travel partners, on an unforgettable
adventure in Africa’s wild!

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