[Redux] Why I Added Another Router (Short Version) | T-Mobile Home Internet Series 061

[Redux] Why I Added Another Router (Short Version) | T-Mobile Home Internet Series 061

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  • Do you notice any differences in speed when using a Wifi 5 or Wifi 6 router as an access point? Do you at notice any differences in ping when connected by LAN or Wifi when using these routers as access points? (Newer to networking)

  • I’m new to this kind of internet, I just got it and I’m enjoying it a lot versus viasat but I’m only getting 2 bars which I get about 30-40 download ping is anywhere from 70-90, I’m still trying to find the best placing for it, does it need to be pointed toward the nearest T mobile tower or any cell tower? If anyone could tell me I’d appreciate it

  • Is this a mesh system router or just your regular router?

    Did you turn off broadcast and ssid on all the channels in the website settings?

    The only thing broadcasting a signal now is the router and you just connect all your devices to it? When I say router I refer to the extra one, not the gateway

  • I added a fan and the T Mobile router is pretty much room temperature. Big improvement on performance. No restarting.
    Couldn't get it to play nice with another router so for now I'm using switches. Would like to use static IPs though.

  • A Mr. A recommended something called Vilo Mesh network as being compatible with T-Mobile Home internet.
    Unfortunately, their comment contained a link that was auto flagged by YT and has been deleted. I will see if I can lessen YouTubes filter, as this is not the first time this has happened.

  • that thing is pretty big for a wireless modem. almost the size of apple mac pro. wow. u'd think they would have sorted out the heating problem with that size.

  • I've tried adding a router to my gateway. Have you had any problems with your Xbox? I can't seem to get past the double NAT and strict NAT prroblem.

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