Racism: Is it a problem in the Shi'a Community? – Thursday Night Talk with Sheikh Abbas Panju

Racism: Is it a problem in the Shi'a Community? – Thursday Night Talk with Sheikh Abbas Panju

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  • YOu are speaking about racism and discrimination but there is neither Arab nor an African in your very presentation!

  • The hadith that Bilal could not pronounce shiin and instead used to pronounce it as siin is a big lie ! Bilal was born in Mecca and his language was Arabic! it is a big lie to assume that he could not speak Arabic properly!

  • It doesn't make any sense to talk and talk about racism, it is a time that you have to give up racism!!

  • No , racism is not simply looking down on someone else simply to say they are lower than Yu…NO… RACISM VERY SPECIFICALLY IS TO SAY YU ARE BETTER THAN ANOTHER DUE VERY SPECIFICALLY TO RACE.
    Islam is not a Race, so for Muslims to be prejudice to a Buddhist or to a Christian cuz they think Muslims are Superior for the sake of there Islam is nothing to do with race, for there can Yu can change religion, but Yu cannot change your race.
    It is Ignorance to say Supremacy in general is synonymous to racism, especially when Race has nothing to with the concern.
    By the way, what is it with these people, Wanting to " Step back a bit" and this other person wishing to " start with this"… As a means to set a particular paradigm to the context of the actual things being said , in order to say something else than what is actually being , what is this??

  • It's still sugar coated, Rasulullah was a black Arab and the Imams if there mom's was from Africa they were darkskin but you still avoid discussing it…🤔

  • Very important topic. Keep up such informative broadcasts.
    Allahuma swalli 'ala Muhammad wa aale Muhammad :))
    I, being a Black African have been chased from one Indian/Asian Shi'a Masjid here in Uganda and I was told explicitly that Africans aren't allowed to pray inside their Masjid and aren't welcome whatsoever!!! And this was on Friday (of course before the COVID-19 pandemic)
    Surprisingly the gatekeeper was Black African like me; and he rigorously emphasized that I should go and pray in other Mosques….
    Anyway, since then I never ever again bothered to head to that Indian/Asian Shi'a Masjid for Jumah or any Salah.
    And I am still so surprised that a Shi'a Masjid would be so racist and segregative to such an extent; yet the Ahlul Bayt were anti-racist.
    Lots of LOVE from Uganda, East Africa.
    Allahuma swalli 'ala Muhammad wa aale Muhammad :))

  • A salamualaykum excelent and very sensitive topic but necessary for the uplifting of humanity.

  • Great video! In my opinion, Islam is the answer to Modern racism! 👍 👍 👍
    As a so-called "African-American" ( only claiming to be a Muslim follower of the Blessed Household of the Prophet ص first, last, and always) I wish I could write more in this comment section explaining and justifying my point of view as to why I think that Islam is the answer to modern racism, but time and space won't allow.

  • If we can have TRUTHFUL conversation from the minbar about the true identity of who the Imams and their AFRICAN mother's are, that will elevate most of the racism in Shia Islam inshallah

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