How to take cool iphone wallpapers using HD camera while traveling

How to take cool  iphone wallpapers using HD camera

As known to all that apple is a great company do fantastic renews

thus spend its time and money on developing a high-quality products

therefore there a several products that really interesting of us to us

especially in photography, for instance, iPhone seems to DSLR cameras,

they have a deep institutional understanding of imaging .for me iPhone is the best device to use for photos and take HD wallpapers 

It differentiates with much of features like mirrorless tanks to it there is no vibration or shooks WHICH really engaging,

somewhats come with bad photos taken not actually friendly almost travelers who are discovering new panoramas they get annoying when they leave it so it is mandatory to exploit all scenes and get breathtaking pictures to maintain 

thus in this section I will get you through how to take a cool wallpapers

–Look your subject in the center

All you should implement is to focus smoothly in the center of the object take you iPhone

put your proposal center and release your probably by inviting the power on what I must capture to make the wallpaper more catchy and also Prevent that your subject stares at the camera to clear the image up

—take a proper framing and position

—utilize foregrounds, middle grounds and backgrounds to create the feel of depth

but you have add objects that will add a value to the show

  • Use Iphone Xrmax,IphoneX,IPHONE XS Max,Iphone XR is best for portraits
  • Put away your camera from sun rays make the light less intense plus more flattering
    • if you want to take a picture in a sunny place choose the fill-flash mode to 
  • Put away your camera from sun rays not make it black
    • if you want to take a picture in a sunny place choose fill-flash mode to 
  • Lock the focus
  • Use an iPhone portrait mode: switch you from photo to portrait,
  • this feature gets the background blurbs the background and makes the portrait really looks a wallpaper
    • you need to turn off the focus with the subject in the middle and then recompose the picture.

—primarily focusing on the main subject

and also integrate second elements that surely will give a sign of a story

— mention in your mind that black and white

it could effectively highlight the view and give some old theme which is very unique 

—capture from various angles and try different imagination until you find your favourite areas

—use third party app like Enlight,

PS express to Edit the photo to make it more affordable and to increase the exposure, 

—-capture the depth :decrease to take a flat photos tackle to sceneries

which are contain details in the background this makes the viewer more exciting to know what is indeed the wallpaper describe

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