How to maintain your family safe from coronavirus

just to begin Covid-19 a scariest thing in the surroundings especially in family members

it is a casual issue because of sight that it give us daily

by its unbelievable victims recorded in many kind of places in the planet

for the family it is important to be stent

to keep them safe as long as you follow the affordable steps to prevent the disease

you have to be vigilant during your transportation

in every spot and respect these guidelines that must be taken by every individual & a responsible member in the house

  1. Maintain hygiene at home & outside home.

The same method you are doing the other time.

Bathe daily, wash your hands using soap usually, 

and do not forget to do house lavement every 3 days to prevent all strange things that may stuff in the corners

  1. Don’t go out until it’s too necessary.
  2. Always wear a good quality mask especially when you go out.
  3. Always maintain a distance of about 3 feet with a person outside your home.
  4. If a family member or anyone nearby your vicinity is having fewer,
  5. constant cough, difficulty in breathing, headache, diarrhea, or uneasiness, immediately contact the concerned health department & officials of your area. So that person must be given immediate medical help of high quality.
  6. Always sanitize or wash your hands after you come back home from outside.
  7. During this lockdown, period try to eat healthy food at home – which improves your immune system
  8. i.e pulses ( dal ), rajma, white chana, Kala chana, lobhiya, soybean, spinich ( palak )
  9. & many more you may search in google and most important try to take a lemon every day that improves our immune system.
  10. Don’t let people above the age of 55 go out of the home.
  11. Keep your home & surroundings always clean.
  12. Wash the vegetables & other things properly which you bring home from outside.

These are the steps & instructions if you follow sincerely,

most likely a person & his family remains protected by this deadly virus. May God Almighty Bless every good human being….

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