How to Install and Configure STB EMU | STB EMU Code | STB Emulator | STB EMU Portals | STB EMU SETUP

How to Install and Configure STB EMU | STB EMU Code | STB Emulator | STB EMU Portals | STB EMU SETUP

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  • don't see the need to unplug the box. After taking note of the mac number (or having adjusted it if you like), hit the back button a few times till you are back on the main screen and then you just can hit the menu button on your remote (three horizontal lines next to the OK button) or hold the OK button for 2 seconds and an additional menu will open. Scroll down to profile, hit OK and hit once more OK if you only have one portal, otherwise choose the right profile that you have configurated and the portal will (re)load. If you like you can add functions keys while you have to wait for your provider to activate your account. Open the menu with the three lines button or holding the OK buttons for 2 seconds and open settings by hitting OK on your remote. Go to key mapping, choose add key, and the at the bottom you click on "configure new key", choose one of the 4 color buttons in the list, BTN_RED, BTN_GREEN, BTN_YELLOW and BTN_BLUE, hit a button on your remote (easiest is to use a key from 1-4 or one of your navigation buttons (left, right, up, down), you will see that a button is assigned and then you activate the "long press" option. Save key after each key and restart with the next key to add. It only takes a couple of minutes and will make you able to use all the functions your provider offers you, like recording, creating favourites, search function, etc. And best of all, probably your service will be activated after that if you have a good provider with 24/24 assistance.

  • Hi
    Thanks for the steps for setup
    I use the STBEMU in my Google chrome cast but I can't forward anything which is there in video on demand section

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Forgive my ignorance. Does the Smart STB app require that I also have some kind of source for the media content? Or, does that come from the Smart STB app subscription?

  • Add 1 more step bro, select latest stb model, once portal loaded then go to setting option in portal, click on software update and update the firmware of mag model within stb emu app. This will make the portal loading faster.

  • I really Thanks to you for this video. It's helpful for me with brief explanation👍. I was stuck in between in the beginning on blue colour screen after watching yo video. I did configure it.
    Thank you so much 👍

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