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  • Vote for

    Attorney Mia Amor Mottley

    Prime Minister of The Republic of Barbados

    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is the leader of The Barbados Labour Party (BLP). People of Barbados, kindly vote for the candidates of The Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Voting for the candidates of The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in the general elections that are scheduled to take place on Monday 17th January, 2022, includes your votes for Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is the leader.

    Thank you for casting your votes for the candidates of The Barbados Labour Party and that includes voting for Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley.

    Vote for Attorney Mia Amor Mottley – Prime Minister of The Republic of Barbados.

  • Trying to get Barbados 5star,what about poor people and the ghettos,will their go??

  • I Saw A Video That These guys Has Taken With Some Very Nice Restaurants In The West Course, For The Rich And Famous To Go To Dinner At, Here In Barbardos. Those Different Places Of Interest Right Here In Barbardos, That These Guys Had Taken Right Here In Barbardos, Look Absolutely Gorgeous. I Felt So Happy To See Those Beautiful Businesses, That Are Here In Barbardos, For The Wealthy Famous Lifestyle People In That Cartorgery, To Visit Made Me Feel Very Proud To See Such Beautiful Properties Exis Here, And They Will Sure Meet Those Wealthy Lifestyle People Requirements Here In Barbardos.

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  • Barbados is a small land Gov't needs to stop ruining it by blocking up the beautiful coast view with these monster houses. Buildings should be on the other side of the road from the sea, but views are seen but protected.

  • reggae music i love, but why not soca its barbados, or a riri song, she is 101% bajan, next time get it right, nice video though, but the music stinks

  • Yea and there are no private beaches in barbados. you can stop your car anywhere along the coast and get out and walk straight on the beach. where else can you do that.

  • I'm from Barbados, haven't seen home in almost 30 years. I'm home sick. I plan on going back to visit later on this year or early next year

  • @7:27. Shut up about the temperature. There's nothing unbearable about Caribbean temperatures. It's hotter and more humid here in New York than anywhere in the Caribbean I've been.

    And in the South!! Florida & Texas was hot enough to give me sunburn which I always thought people of color was immune to.

  • I’ve been following you both for sometime and I’ve never seen this video lol can’t believe you guys same to my home

  • Incredibly surprised that as a car enthusiast you didn't go to see the Mallalieu collection on the South Coast near the Fairmont Pavilion. They have a collection of vintage cars- mostly vintage British cars. That's about as luxurious as you'd get in the island.

  • beautiful Barbados. Very soon I will be there. Just few months later. Looking forward to be in Barbados. Love u Barbados.

  • I want to live in Barbados wit my kid..So bad lol jus to work and her to go to school..

  • The main reason there aren't lambos and (there are a couple Ferraris) super cars is because are roads are so short and we have so many corners tat it would damage the engine of the car because it wont ever be able to go full force on our roads.

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