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How i make this huge money through this platform

SO here we go!!!dude!!!are you a stock photographer looking to

make a extra money when you’re in a journey or traveling the world

You want to supplement your income with phone photos or somewhats from your trips

well in this Artice I will dive into the process and give you what technique I use to make money

In fact,people forget to photograph ,when most people travel what

are they take pictures??? of they take pictures of beautiful sunsets ,gorgeous

castles selfies of themselves selfies with their friends pristine beautiful

landscapes the beach at sunset!!those are best stuff to do but truly this is not the case

you know the kinds of things you take pictures of when you’re in a beautiful place However it’s very difficult to rank in these kinds of categories on stock photography especially in Shutterstock and in many platforms

it’s not impossible but it is difficult and if you want to increase chances to get extra passive income like i did i earned $29821 in 6 months thanks to the golden idea

things that document the process of traveling that might mean photos of

luggage being loaded onto plane scenes from airport signs that illustrate the airport that you’re at photos of a fellow traveler reading a map or looking

at his or her boarding ticket or checking his watch to see when the plane

will take off things like that

obviously, when you’re at your favorite destination let’s say you’re at a beautiful beach somewhere on a tropical island and you just want to

sit back enjoy the view and take photos of that beautiful sunset,

well those sunset photos are gonna be really hard to sell but look to your

left maybe you’ll see like a huge pile of trash on the beach which is really


——however environmental protection is a really big issue and people often turn to you know places like this platform to

find photos that illustrate the concepts of pollution or the environment and

things like that so if you find anything that you know really stands out to you that might not be so beautiful but

illustrates a concept then that is something you could take a photo of it does not necessary to be a trash

all right next now you find yourself at a very very well visited tourist

attraction like the neuschwansteincastle or the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids

of Giza or something like that now of course everyone is gonna takes photos of these beautiful places as I’m sure you will as well and you probably want to get the most Instagram Abul shots which means beautiful photos of these places and it looks like you’re the only one picture of what the reality of that

place looks like maybe it’s like tons and tons of tourists lining up to take a

selfie and you can take a picture of that selfie line being formed because

now you’re not just showing that tourist

the destination you’re also showing what really goes on there you’re showing the concept of travel in 2019 or 2020 what

does it look like to actually travel to these places it’s not all sunshine and

rainbows all right so you photographed that concept

next look around look at the popular landmarks and perhaps the popular

restaurants and things like that see if

there are any signs that you might want

to photograph like for example a sign

that says drones prohibited with that

attraction behind the sign perhaps

drones are a big problem in that area

maybe there have been some like drone

crashes there and somebody was forced to

put up a sign and maybe you want a

photograph of that sign with the

attraction behind it something like that

I’m just throwing out ideas or maybe

you’re at a world-famous restaurant and

everybody goes here and takes photos of

the food but nobody actually has a photo

of the outside of the restaurant on a

stock photography platform just some

things to keep in mind

all right so transporting yourself back

to one of those popular tourist

attractions like let’s say noise ranch

Dan Castle you can photograph these

places from a different perspective

let’s take the neuschwanstein castle for

example I know I’ve mentioned this a few

times because it’s it’s coming to me

more than the other attractions are but

there is a bridge that everybody goes to

to take a photo of this castle and

everybody goes to that very same bridge

and takes that very same photo of the

castle from that bridge and of course

I’m sure you will as well however you

might want to consider photographing the

castle from a different perspective

because that’s how your photo is gonna

look different from all the other

thousands or hundreds of thousands or

maybe millions of photos of that place

so just keep that question in the back

of your mind

how can my photo be different maybe

you’re photographing a place that has

only been photographed in the daytime

but there are no photos of that place at

night with the Stars behind it or maybe

everybody goes to this place in the

summertime but nobody goes in the

wintertime and you have like the only

photo of that place when it’s covered in


 that’s kind of like the overall

thing you have to keep in your mind when

you’re doing stock photography while

traveling is how can your travel photos

be different than all the other travel

photos taken in that location what can

you do and you know it’s not to say that

these you know common photos and

saturated categories are impossible to

sell like it is possible and I actually

have a video talking about how that’s

possible but it is much easier and much

more profitable if you can think outside

the box

 and if you can illustrate

concepts that perhaps other people have

not Illustrated or that are Illustrated

less often I actually have a video which

I’m going to link down below as well as

up here on the screen somewhere which

talks about some of my travel photos

that sell compared

photos that don’t sell and since making

that video I have taken a few additional

trips and from the photos I took on

those trips I can actually confirm that

it is usually the weird unexpected

things that sell not so much the photos

of the popular places like for example

in Vietnam the photo that sells the most

is actually a photo of an exhibit

documenting the Vietnam War not the

beautiful travel photos of Vietnam I

have sold some of the travel photos but

but that Vietnam War kind of photo

that’s you know – being downloaded more

often anyways I do not work for

Shutterstock this is just my personal

experience just some observations I’ve

made from uploading travel photos to

stock photography platforms primarily

Shutterstock but also a few other stock


 so definitely let me know in

the comments what you think do you agree

do you disagree do you have a different

experience I want to hear your thoughts

subscribe to this channel if you are new

here and enjoy the rest of your day oh

and don’t forget to give this video a

thumbs up definitely helps in the

YouTube algorithm and also makes me

really excited til next time

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