Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani – The Quran I Ramadan 1438-2017

Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani – The Quran I Ramadan 1438-2017

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  • I love the quran so so much. Its been ma best friend since my childhood. I memorize a lot of it. It is full of beautiful stories, ethics and lessons to be learnt from. It is the best book. N the most interesting thinng about quran is that no matter how many times u read it, u always learn new things. Indeed a perfect book. Love to u sayed ammar. God Bless u

  • 😅that Mr Ahamad is so funny” we apologise for the person that died in the background “ . Allah yrhama ya rab

  • Sayed is truly a man of patience…way to represent Ahl AlBait! handled everything with patience and knowledge! the real voice!!

  • Another Question at 48:00 he mentions that the Quran was already compiled by Imam Ali (a.s) under the supervision of the Prophet (pbuh)
    How can that be the case when Imam Ali (a.s) after the Death of the Prophet went in his and house and promised to come out once he compiles the Quran?


  • At 46:00 another Question arises You all can probably remember the hadith where the Prophet told Imam Ali (a.s) to remove the word "From the Messenger of Allah" in the beginning of his Letter and the Imam refused because he didnt have the will to be able to rub the name of the Messenger from the Letter, due to his love and respect for the Nabi (sawas). Then the Prophet himself rubbed the name of and wrote Muhammad ibn Abdullah
    So who wrote that for the Prophet? Or could the Prophet write his name only? hmmm

  • sorry but i didnt understand something here, if someone can enlighten me i would appreciate it

    At 32:40 The Sayed said that the word Ummi points towards a mother who teaches the child and cant bear to see the child being taught by other than herself
    So if the Sayed is implying that Allah cant bear to see the Prophet being taught by anyone other than himself then, doesnt the word Ummi imply to Allah instead of the Prophet? Because Allah is the One who taught the Prophet and not the Prophet teaching other?

    Any answers would be appreciated

  • yet another rich, and eclectic lecture by the very best Dr. Ammar. your lectures are a springboard of ideas to learn from, and ponder upon. He's an asset, a mine of information, a brain who's fearless, and a thorough academic who is willing to push the limits of reasoning, knowledge and historical memory. Ya Ali madad

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