Discover the highest hills&mountains in europe

-The eiger

Rising to 3,970m,it is the easternmost peak of ridge crest that extends to the monarch at 4,107m

Across The Jungfraujoch to the jaugfrauat 4,158m. the first ascent of the tiger

it was made by 2 Swiss Christian alter and Peter Bohren and an Irishman Charles Barrington who climbed the west flank on august 11 of 1858.

But it is the Nordland or north wall which is the greatest challenge .it was first conquered in July 1938 by an Austrian/German team.

then the face has been climbed many times.

today is regarded as a formidable challenge more because of the increased rockfall and diminishing ice-fields

then because of its technical difficulties, which are not the highest level of difficulty in modern alpinism.

In summer the face is often unclimbable because of rockfall,

and climbers are increasingly electing to climb it in winter when the crumbling face is strengthened by the hard ice present

West Highland 

It’s the official long-distance trail walking route in Scotland from Milngavie to Fort William originates close to Glasgow and Loch Lomond., which is 96 miles 154.5 km long, thinking of Buachaill Etive Beag in Glencoe

one the easiest path to put into consideration from the Glen Nevis car park to Ben Nevis, the Great Glen and Rob Ways are very famous in the area, the great outdoors is open to everyone, regardless of age


It’s been occasionally referred to as Europe’s last wilderness, the mountain
range stretching from Lapland down to Dalarna.

If anything deserves to be called Sweden’s own paradise, it is this majestic mountain world.

New views and natural experiences are constantly emerging here.

Large areas are protected and have been designated as nature reserves, national parks, and even world heritage sites. Life in Lapland has many faces. The Sámi people, who have lived and worked here for thousands of years, estimate that there are eight seasons up here.

Thanks to STF and the King’s Trail (Kungsleden) the innermost part of Lapland has been available to everyone for over one hundred years.

To make it easier, we have chosen two periods for you, when summer and winter along the King’s Trail are the absolute best: from June to September and from February to April.
During the summer season, the mountain nature of colours, scents,
sounds, and movement vibrate.

It is essentially daylight all day and north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun shines brightly for several months.

In September, the autumn colors are ablaze. You can travel by foot on well-worn trails,

sometimes with a break for a boat ride over a mountain lake. Skis apply if you choose the winter season.

In February and most of March, the snow temperatures are cold for ski waxing

the days quickly become longer and brighter. Late winter-early spring brings crusty snow and long, sunny days.

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