Covid-19: the guide to be safe while traveling

keep your family safe from COVID-19 while traveling

Covid-19: the guide to be safe while traveling

No one can deny that there is a risk from Covid-19

especially from whom have a lack the immune in their bodies system

Thus it’s obvious that there are some symptoms which led us to judge the Covid-19 case or not

the Disease of the germ due to the Negligence of its unsecured attacks

, but almost you will find traveler can not resist and take the challenge instantly get up from the bed

they go ahead despite the Covid-19 pandemic will gather all packages as long as keeping his self first and family safe

these tips are functional to pull the virus over

1-Habitualize family mostly children’s washing their hands frequently which may gather Covid-19

Covid-19 is a quick-spreading microbe when you attach to something. or somebody is Doubtful

this is the main reason why!!! you should remain your self away from the other side

in order to avoid any kind of germ sickness,

it’s a necessity to wash hands like drinking water before and after whatever activity

Specifically when opt to eat using Hand sanitizers in a way that the sanitizer will touch all points in your hands

2- sterilize clothes before you take the trip to shoot the virus

before you plan to travel to any place you wonder

think of clothes as easy factor of spreading the virus

if there is a Covid-19 shift make that in the priorities

to prevent that I advice for the best technique is to wash clothes using laundry machine accordingly with mobility

3-don’t slip off your sanitizer in the pocket

break down steps to avert every chunk of the spot which is a connection with hands can get to the microbe transmission

the primary step must be taken  before going through any type of action sterilize using alcohol or soap

water is really matters to us to be vigilant to stay safe from Covid-19

these are a good look for one that fits you:http://look for one that fit you:

disinfect your hands regularly

4-avoid touching face, nose, eyes with unwashed hands to avoid the virus connection

 it’s critical to keep our bodies secure travel during the outbreak need from us to be responsible

save ourselves so to implement that we have to respect safe criterias therefore don’t touch your face it undoubtedly risky for the personal life because is just  a simple trick will bring sickness and death

don’t use fingers to Itchy skin under any circumstances fingers are a direct broker to objects

it eases to the Covid-19 to transport inside body or covermount and nose with a flexed elbow on tissue

5-habitulize to keep a distance with others

avoid non essential contact with passengers in station ,physical contact with another person carries

it is the greatest risk of Covid-19 infection on a flight

keep a range of 1,5m TO 2 because the other person who is sitting near

may surprisingly forgetting and remove the medical mask and immediately sneeze or caught lead to the microbe labor

and also to mention this process must apply while you been for a walk towards camping

if you respect this notion you will be less may infected portion of just 1% so don’t be afraid 

the flu transmit their molicue easily so it is obligatory to space out

6-Use technology to attack the disease and rely on

technology has a positive impact on our lives so it is upgraded to be sufficient and powerful

to serve us as humans to attack Covid-19 lockdown so  you can use in the benefits below

scheduling flight tickets -use food request apps -use phone call to ring assistant -check flight alerts

check :How to use devices to facilitate Travellife without borders

7-salute with forearm if necessary or no need to

i undestand that is Unusual behaviour

but this will occur when the two sides wear their masks in a way that fit the area fit the jaw and cover the nose

hands up touch him with a forearm to avoid the germ prospect

he also does this technique is not as dangerous as using hands in the last one

8-Organize your self and do a checklist while attending any gate

after return from the trip or somehow

pay attention and divide places where you have to put your packages keep it outside the door

since you are not yet disinfecting it,

for instance, set at a place where you put shoes which you get out from the Appartement wearing it

don’t come in it inside your house

in a manner of the shoes which attach to the ground be vigilant

when you get into your house somewhat of persons Ignore this important step it’s critical for me and I do it always to protect my family from being attacked

9-dry your clothes under sun rays and disinfect the surroundings 

this tip is for trippers it may be tough for them to repeatedly wash clothes with efficient detergent washing powders

so don’t worry sun have a great positive impact it considered as an anti-battery this is why I recommend to trippers hamper their clothes under sun

scrubbing garment and remove viruses and Malicious kinds of stuff that may harm the person

do not forget to wipe down your surroundings tray table where you eat,seat windows if you’re in the hotel 

Look up:How maintain your family safe from coronavirus

10-don’t take off the muzzle while in the transport to maintain your family safe from coronavirus

 wearing medical masks is essential to prevent breath transmission between others muzzles

have principal tissues included filtering ear doesn’t let dirty molecules penetrate the surface and block breath exchange this meant that it has an enormous value in security at all so to be unscathed in front of the Covid-19 don’t take off the medical mask totally until reaching your sitting I recommend to use N95 MASK is well featured 

i hope this will be helpful for you , precautions given must be kept in mind

while changing the area where you are in now


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