Best activities to do in Azores island

if you nosy as the way that makes you full minded

to explore such islands in Portugal where you can enjoy you are in the right place 

the leading ones are  Azores and Madera they are good for travellers to visit 

they are absolutely pristine and magical 

all you have to do is seeking for what to see 

Setting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which transports you to the entire world

it has a blue sea to the highest hills in the Portugal, 

in this post,

I will inform you what are the incredible activities

you have put in your mind

before land up

-Visit Fajãs on São Jorge island: this place Is a bumpy spot

to pass it on There is an unspoiled nature

it is amazingly breathtaking out it is known of fajas extinct volcanos


The cliffs landslides that were in the past

It’s nearby Faial and Pico terrain islands to theorize in mind 

also There are some quite Christian villages to see

there in the routes to relax and make some meals

climb and hiking in rico mountain :for who are loving these kind of sports you are in the right place

this peak is the highest in all of Portugal

if you want to go alone it is not working

I highly advise you to follow a special guide which brings to you the easiest path to choose from 

About transport it is essential to have a car or rent it,

it is kind of tough for you to go on foot

there is a distance between islands to consider

the car will help you a lot a save you money on the tour.

Head to altar do carvão a nice place to visit where you can walk with a guide inside the volcano

yes it is really interesting  to get to reveal this underground atmosphere that you can actually deep into it this volcano tunnel located in Terceira island

there are rock stairs that allow you to get some brilliant views inside it is really wonderful 

Try a hot spring bath:

visit Sao Miguel ,do not hesitate to go into one the most popular terminal volcano bath in the town

to read more : the wondrous volcano bathes to explore

where you will find your comfort on it

If you want to see something which is deferent jump into the volcano steam

where inwardly people out there

use a ground hot temperature to cook delicious meals 

-Visit Biscoitos and sand beaches:  is the most famous pool in terceira island

be a way of the beauty of irregular rocky ‘’Kaleta’’ shapes beaches

with clean ocean air like Praia de  Vitória you have to take a swim in these natural water complex 

Do not forget to go to angry the highest place in that place

which where you can see the whole  city it is mainly a nice view out there

the Atlantic Christian cross symbol 

Visit wander angra do heroismo the square

main city in Terceira there are much of churches out there to discover

in that spot you have all kind of things,

there is an ocean in a side and the civilization other side hotels,

Gardens are amazed by Gorgeous cobblestone streets

if you are lucky you will attend  the san joannas festival which very unique

I hope you benefit from this post

Please do not forget comment below 


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