American Reacts To "The Unconquered" – Niezwyciężeni Instytut Pamięci Narodowej Reaction!!!

American Reacts To "The Unconquered" – Niezwyciężeni Instytut Pamięci Narodowej Reaction!!!

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  • My own great grandfather helped a lot of Jews during ww2 despite the threat before he got caught. He pretended to be in germanys side in a town.

  • Underground state – this description is figurative and not literally "underground", the state still functioned but was hidden so that the occupied Germans and Russians could not locate and destroy state authorities.

  • Dziękujemy bardzo, ale to były trudne czasy dla nas masakryczne, dramatyczne, smutne. 😢😭 Nie błagamy o wolność my o nią walczymy, pozdro. 👊🤙😎🐢

  • Well I just cringed my face inside out. Americans get the general idea of things but they're too self obsessed to think about the details.

  • Am I going to be civil and respectful, that s why I am telling you to do a little research before posting anything on Youtube. I mean, if you don t know who Stalin was, depicted by the fact that you stumble when you saw the name, then you better stop from anything, drink a coffe or something and maby try and do reaction videos about something you know about. Honestly, I couldn t watch the rest of your video because you re obviously going to waste my time. I hope this is not comming to harsh or aggresive, but God….Stalin, srlsly?

  • Эй, вы там ничего не покурили? Что за бред в этом видео?

  • The term "underground state" is not mean to be taken literally. It is most likely derived from Polish saying "to fall underground" which means "to disappear, to vanish without a trace".

    It's similar to how illegal activities are sometimes referred to in the USA as "underground".

    They way it worked was schools, courts, police, government and army – all of that still existed during German occupation of Poland. It was just being carried out in regular homes, in secret. German soldiers were patrolling the streets on regular basis totally unaware that in houses nearby kids were learning the history of Poland and courts were in session. The Home Army actually had executors, people who were carrying out death sentences for treason and stuff like that. This is why there were so few people collaborating with the Nazis in Poland. That's because everybody knew that polish government still exists and treason means a death sentence. And no amount of German guards will be able to protect you. You WILL be killed no matter what.

    Polish underground state was in constant contact with polish government in UK.

  • I to jest nasza historia!🇵🇱,,My nie błagamy o wolność… My o nią walczymy.Jeszcze polska nie zgineła puki my żyjemy!

  • Polska jest niezwyciężona. Jako jedyna podjęła się walki z kolosem czyli z Rosją Sowiedzką.

  • the nurse is Irena Sendler, she saved thousands of children from the Warsaw ghetto, she was tortured as a result and she was to be shot

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