Airtel Brings Android Digital TV Set Top Box To FIght Jio's IPTV Internet Set Top Box

Airtel Brings Android Digital TV Set Top Box To FIght Jio's IPTV Internet Set Top Box

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  • Hello sir…. watched your video for the 1st time….. its a good information on Airtel Digital TV….. we got this set-top-box last year…. that time we didn't have wifi at home but now we got it… but I'm unable to connect with wifi…. can u please help me to do so…

  • Can we see chanals on it like (setmax. Zeecinema. Stargold ) without doing reacharg.
    Can we see chanals with with internet

  • Reached here after searching for options of Made in India..your video was to the point, and every word u spoke was clear.. Thanks for info on airtel TV set top box

  • Hi Trakin Tech – Can you pls tell if we can download apps like Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Voot, AltBalaji , Amaon Prime Video on the latest (currently available) Airtel Internet TV Box ? if we have to compare it with Amazon firestick TV then which do you find better out of the two ?

  • Request you to please create a new video about Airtel internet TV..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please

  • Airtel is flop coz the price we have to pay to use android is 799. Per month. And internet bill is seperate and without active plan we can't use android. So don't buy it .

  • is it possible to use from bangladesh? I mean, can i use it regular local dish channel on it?

  • thank you for your good brief on the product. all dth company must be careful about designing their graphical user interface for both illiterate, literate, and disabled people or else the product will be left usable only for the literate . most of India's population is in rural areas where people are not even capable of handling smartphones, smartgadgets. it is the feature phones (no complicated operating system) not smartphones(except android) in the market that enabled the country's every man, woman educated, uneducated to make a call, receive a call, thats all they need.
    modern dth user interfaces are complicated for them and will prohibhit them from using it for their daily basic need of entertainment if not built keeping in mind the target user. we can think of a situation where everyday our smartphones behaviour(software) changes, how easy will it be for us to get used to that? in that case everyday we have to learn where the exit button of your smartphone is , and how irritating that will be? it is android os that gave a predictable behaviour to the smartphones and thats how it is easy and takes very little time to learn even for an illiterate person. we can think of our elders who stay at home while we are at work. how much modern complicated graphical user interface very unpredictable(from setupbox to setupbox, one remote controller to another) will be easy for them? it is a neglected aspect of every dth company growing in india. we as a
    consumer must raise a voice for this concern. I think your channel can feature this as an issue. it is really a complicated one . I have experienced it and have seen the situations in rural areas. the other day my dish tv setup box got broken and dishtv provided me a new one but to my surprise the GUI was completely different from the older box even the channel numbers got changed I had a hard time teaching the functionalities of the new remote controller and new channel numbers to my old father. GUI is a psychological connection, it is the language of the machine. companies should be very careful about designing this language to be consistent and predictable. Hope your channel will do something on this.

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