7 wondrous volcanos to visit in 2021


many people do not experience to go visiting a volcano in their lifetime

it is a pretty unique travel tour to try

no one can take the risk or something to go explore the highest warm volcanos in the world

these are the active volcanos you have to see

-stromboli volcano

this volcano is the highest active terrestrial volcano of the Eurasian plate, whose eruptions square measure of the Strombolian kind.

Etna or Mongibello could be a Sicilian volcano,

originated within the amount and Quaternary in Age of Man in a time period that encompasses

the foremost recent two around 6 million years,

together with this day it is eruptions consist within the expulsion of incandescent scoriae, lapilli and volcanic rock bombs

at altitudes from tens to many meters. they’re little to medium in volume, with periodic violence, if you love adventure you can get the challenge and hiking to the crater accompagn

with a guide and to enjoy the sunset and see the power the volcano

in front of your eyes, ride in the sea to witness minor volcanic eruptions from a distance, and wait the night to look at the sky full of stars is genuinely attractive

-Mount Fuji, Japan

the beautiful and highest mountain volcano known in japan arrive to 12,388 feet.

through it, you can see the whole city of Tokyo mountain is located west of the city, named by Mt. Fuji, surrounded by lakes in a national park.

Every summer, thousands of tourists climb and hike to the summit,

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many of them hiking throughout the night to witness

the sunrise from the summit, so cool to explore

Yellowstone – USA

one of the poweful and known volvanos in the united states located in wtoming state

has a long steam spout of water flowing in the air

also many sources of hot water and pools out there

for example anymore geyser the rainbow

make the center of the geyser bubbling in the area,Her veins pulse and rush with superheated fluids and rivers enriched

you must visit , that you will find a few places in the yellowstoen park

where the dormant power of its supervolcano manage to impress you hugely.

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