7 cities in Europe really appreciate black skin color

there are much of people in Europe that not truly never see black skin in their lifetimes especially in Remote areas and also not appreciate black skin color,

therefore this is why it kind of weird when you see people get to not appreciate black skin thus they will be a little bit stressed and intimidating

that what may makes them not appreciate them

however, is this not meant that they do not like them but it just a human nature what should be implemented is to estimate them in a nice way rather than keep them kind of weird

black skin folks could be Americans people or African ones

so for black Americans people who want to visit Europe they should decide

which spot is appropriate as a tourism tour destination

there are some suitable cities that politely will fit you in the next future 


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal where you will absolutely find kindness people appreciate black comers

called the amazing city in Portugal and attract much of tourists every single

black skin people

There are many, many, blackout there is a diverse range of people

Black skin family

different colours, many black families younger generations and colonies,

so in any case, you have no worries at all. You can enjoy with your time without problem also do not worry about racism

you can safely hanging out in a matter of entertain,

in any case, you will encounter a pukka kind of persons that give you sort of comfort like you are in your home country

so be free to live with them briefly Any racist incidents in Portugal, in general, are accurate absolutely rare. The Lisbon Portuguese are tolerant and peaceful people.

there are also some places that you will actually love it in the area,

for instance, Belem Tower, Rossio, Hieronymites Monastery the weather is so suitable 

2- Nice- France 

there is a great number of black skin people in nice as a bright France city so for that reason ,

when i visited nice i noticed that it is a good city where i found nice people, beautiful places and special architectural buildings, etc 

look up:The special architectural buildings in nice

in addition, nice have an amazingly friendly that appreciate black skin people makes me get up

go-ahead to explore by my self in nice France

people are living together you will notice that white and black one’s study, playing without any issue comes

when we get to talk about racism I also agree with the idea that mentions that France is from the most black skin-friendly country in the world,

for instance, France football club you will see much of black people find their comfort between the group,

nice is also a spot where cultures are collected mixed Italian and French influence in the past.

that what is makes nice high quality city recommended for African-American black people

3- Berlin- Germany

no one cannot forget the story of berlin the capital of Germany which is a bit of a cultural mix,

moreover, it was racism out there because of neo-nazi skinhead attacks against dark habitants 

but for the sake of erasing the nazi thoughts in the history of Germany,

they really do not want to repeat it again or afford negativity towards other strangers

especially for black skin people, therefore they try to rub out this kind of beliefs that lead to the Inhumanity 

so they maintain to appreciate others Regardless of its origins

Despite all this you will find Berliners are special they so funny

there are also much of great places in berlin to visit

I think that Berlin will be a great place for tourism to

find out:Great places in berlin to visit

4-Budva- Montenegro

Montenegro is mostly growing in tourism every year, there is a diversity religion and cultures among the population

they genuinely amused to meet strangers in order to recognize and reveal new things, 

the people in Budva are usually excited to talk to a black skin girls

they consider hating someone because just of his color something which is ugly

this is why you will notice that always they politely treat American-Africans,

honestly, you will have a great time there for sure without any problem 

likewise Montenegro is a beautiful city where you will find your comfort

almost of people prefer to spend vacations out there especially in summer tourists gather from many-sided around the world 

5-Krakow- Poland

For my experience Poland is intersting city not racist at all

they really love tourists to come to their country they will like I felt when I was there  like in my home 

moreover, you will not absolutely notice some kind of bad treatment

from someone who is a local habitant or even a white skin person

you can also make some friends from Poland because they are so welcomed, 

there are much of delicious  food to eat out there

Also if you have just a small budget you can get the top of the food with reasonable prices 

Frankly, this country supposed to be the most thriving country in the economy 

i really sure that you will point a good reputation in front of black skin treatments if you visit it

6-Edinburgh- Scotland

Edinburgh is a welcomed city and multicultural place where you get to discover new mindsets out there 

they really curious to know new kinds of people coming from all around the world predominately love to encount with black skin folks.

including African-American black skin even if they are slight

Edinburgh is a fantastic city and Scottish are lovely ,

there are a lot of gardens to see genuinely you will wonder to come back someday

7-London- England

black skin color citizens are so settled in England

They really proud of their color

if you are foreigner do not tend to worry too much about the color or racial origins

they do not let you feel that you are stranger

you might either be from UK or Africa, this city is amazing actually in all sides they treat tourists nicely 

in fact, London has a significant black community ,

9 Important London Black History landmarks  where a lot of kind of people living in peace and love

in my opinion, England is between the suitable countries that is worth to African-Americans

What do you think?

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