7 cities in Europe really appreciate black skin color ,

6-Edinburgh- Scotland

Edinburgh is a welcomed city and multicultural place where you get to discover new mindsets out there 

they really curious to know new kinds of people coming from all around the world predominately love to encount with black skin folks.

including African-American black skin even if they are slight

Edinburgh is a fantastic city and Scottish are lovely ,

there are a lot of gardens to see genuinely you will wonder to come back someday

7-London- England

black skin color citizens are so settled in England

They really proud of their color

if you are foreigner do not tend to worry too much about the color or racial origins

they do not let you feel that you are stranger

you might either be from UK or Africa, this city is amazing actually in all sides they treat tourists nicely 

in fact, London has a significant black community ,

9 Important London Black History landmarks  where a lot of kind of people living in peace and love

in my opinion, England is between the suitable countries that is worth to African-Americans

What do you think?

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