7 cities in Europe really appreciate black skin color ,

5-Krakow- Poland

For my experience Poland is intersting city not racist at all

they really love tourists to come to their country they will like I felt when I was there  like in my home 

moreover, you will not absolutely notice some kind of bad treatment

from someone who is a local habitant or even a white skin personMUST READ  Drive Safari Tour Self Drive vs. Guided Safari Tour

you can also make some friends from Poland because they are so welcomed, 

there are much of delicious  food to eat out there

Also if you have just a small budget you can get the top of the food with reasonable prices 

Frankly, this country supposed to be the most thriving country in the economy 

i really sure that you will point a good reputation in front of black skin treatments if you visit it

What do you think?

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