7 cities in Europe really appreciate black skin color ,

3- Berlin- Germany

no one cannot forget the story of berlin the capital of Germany which is a bit of a cultural mix,

moreover, it was racism out there because of neo-nazi skinhead attacks against dark habitants 

but for the sake of erasing the nazi thoughts in the history of Germany,MUST READ  special architectural buildings in nice

they really do not want to repeat it again or afford negativity towards other strangers

especially for black skin people, therefore they try to rub out this kind of beliefs that lead to the Inhumanity 

so they maintain to appreciate others Regardless of its origins

Despite all this you will find Berliners are special they so funny

there are also much of great places in berlin to visit

I think that Berlin will be a great place for tourism to

find out:Great places in berlin to visit

What do you think?

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