7 cities in Europe really appreciate black skin color ,

2- Nice- France 

there is a great number of black skin people in nice as a bright France city so for that reason ,

when i visited nice i noticed that it is a good city where i found nice people, beautiful places and special architectural buildings, etc 

look up:The special architectural buildings in nice

in addition, nice have an amazingly friendly that appreciate black skin people makes me get up

go-ahead to explore by my self in nice France

people are living together you will notice that white and black one’s study, playing without any issue comes

when we get to talk about racism I also agree with the idea that mentions that France is from the most black skin-friendly country in the world,

for instance, France football club you will see much of black people find their comfort between the group,

nice is also a spot where cultures are collected mixed Italian and French influence in the past.

that what is makes nice high quality city recommended for African-American black people

What do you think?

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