5 Tips on Finding Hidden Safari Gems

Finding destinations that are a secret from the masses,

superb places not on the standard radar, untouched corners that are naturally awe-inspiring, where wildlife still rules and are
personally uplifting

– these places are safari perfection. How do you find these hidden gems? Do your research – use the web Using the web to investigate what Africa has to offer can be difficult because Africa is still in the process of getting online.

Though it is getting better fast, quality information
still lacks overall. However, it is still a good starting point to gather basic ideas and leads.

-Use local knowledge
Assuming you are using a travel agent,

once you have some destination and experience ideas select an agent who really knows your chosen country. I mean an agent who has lived there, an agent who has taken the journeys you’re being recommended.

– Don’t go for a run of the mill packages as these will take you directly to destinations that are crowded, commercial, and very eco-unfriendly.

You could book direct and use a travel agent in the country you want to visit. (Advantage: often a financial saving. Disadvantage: harder to access). Or, find the right agent in your hometown who offers personalized itineraries based on their deep knowledge and experience of the destinations you want to visit. (Advantage: quality and reliable service. Disadvantage:
might miss out on financial savings and up to the minute local knowledge). Remember,

-don’t fill up your itinerary completely, some gaps will come in handy…Visit local book shops
Once you are in your country of choice, local bookshops can be surprisingly useful.

Books on the history, culture, and local tourism developments can often point you in the right direction, to destinations that are internationally unheard of and yet often provide the most fulfilling adventures.

-Ask the locals
Speak to the people around you, from fellow travelers to drivers to market stallholders. Ask fellow travelers where they have been and ask the locals what areas they come from originally. Share what adventures you are after and ask them what they would suggest for you.

-Local guides
Finally, armed with the information from local bookshops and people now’s your chance to go to a local travel agent and ask them for some tips.

They can suggest a local guide who can advise you accordingly or travel with you. Or they can arrange mini trips within your overall itinerary to destinations you’ve discovered since your arrival.

-Follow these tips and you’re bound to experience destinations that are literally off the beaten track – often with no track directly to them!

They’ll need investigation and bravery, but once
there you’ll understand why this kind of adventure is so worth it.

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