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it is worth people to find special places to discover a new culture, traditions, population

thus they remind Empirically that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world With everyone’s testimony

.it is the direction of many Americans when they have a vacation

they instantly go-ahead and set off in the great hills where they find forests, rivers in the bottom

but the issue is when they plan to choose the right place to go

they actually don`t define the convenient one in a matter that they find high-quality hotels, good service everywhere, more entertainment

so they really don`t miss the point until getting sweet so these are most charming Hawaii places that make the experience unforgettable


Honolulu is a good place to spend vacation even if is a hella busy and crowded area

Featured as a rich field thanks to its brilliant restaurants and stores to get to discover shopping out there

certainly Having the car is eased the tour but affording to the park is nuts. The weather is so pure if You tend to walk as many places as you can therefore you’ve got to a free spot nearby.

there is diversity in population there. every group of people represents different cultures and beliefs,

in any case, all living in harmony the best thing that they are so sympathetic to people.also tries to characterize by a long and nice Palms  further you will have a magic ocean look and sunshine

in addition to that you enjoy surfing all the time for me this is the best place for surfers recommended

many gardens are located in so many spaces it is actually natural place just to mention No smoke at the beach just take up healthy and practicing sports

you have the right to access trails and valleys to hike and camping this leads us to conclude that is a breathtaking place where you absolutely find your comfort

2-Waikiki beach

Hawaii beach known as one of the amazing places for surfers in the world thanks to its warmth and clean water

Waikiki beach is apart of  Oahu island, you can take a cruise on a part boat gather many tourists all around the world

offers plenty of water sports ride surfboarding and paddle outrigger canoes sports The waves are generally mild

many tourists are thinking that a private there is no such a part private accessible all is for the public,

non-stop  entertainment out there  with music and dance in every corner, beautiful sunsets will catch you to come every day to see it and absolutely will etch your memory to return another time in addition to that there are so much of delicious plates in restaurants near to the Waikiki beach I suggest la Mer is a good choice also the is a flow in steakhouse out there also if you are looking for nice hotels Ilikai hotel where you certainly enjoy the balcony close to the screen


this island is known as which is the most Mountains inclusive space filled with a high green hills where waterfalls and rivers dotted in between and amazing beaches

the beauty of nature aggregate out there beautiful forests and craggy red cliffsides give a magical look to the place to get a nice see

if it is possible Helicopter tour is a great way to view gills and rivers float in from all angles.

you can actually enjoy an eyeful of the edge of Napali’s cliffs, and southeast of it if you wanna go to the beach you absolutely have to shore yourself in a place because it is so big

also, there are unpaved and rough paths that lead you to the beach

for that reason, it is better to know conditions about the roads to the beach because it is flooring when there is heavy rain out there is a necessity to rent a car to go,

unfortunately, it is risky to swim in this beach

but the good news Queen’s Pon mostly safe for a swim and taking photos also to take a walks. $$$

Ke’e Beach considered as the safest beach you can get to swim without problems and is full of shades you can also camp out there

restrooms and showers are offered it is important to note that there is no cell phone service

for people that love to snorkel in the unspoiled coral reefs, it is a suitable beach that plenty of colorful fishes and tunnels


some guys always looking for places where they can drop out from ciilization for this reason hanai is the primary shelter for them

it is quite a of peace and calm, the beauty of the island catch almost of visitors display sweeping views remind of the magic of the place and also offers a nice reprieve that let them get rid of daily crowded schedules there are an enormous luxury resorts five-stars ones

also is a great place for shopping , catchy stores are located in the island’s central town of Lanai City with high quality products )

¨Lanai Air creates a grand experience, luxurious hand-held travel where our guests can get a first taste of Lanai’s exclusive beauty¨

if you want to stay on a while these are high-quality hotels recommended in the area

if you have any additionnel ideas please don`t forget to mention it the comments section


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