Coronavirus: A member LREM reminds banks “that the French were saved in 2008” – 20 Minutes

Illustration of bank notes. — GILE MICHEL/SIPA

The mp LREM of the second district of the Aude, Alain Perea, wrote to all directors of banking agencies of the department. In his letter, he points out that ” companies whose plan of continuation, assignment, or backup, has been the subject of a registration by the tribunal and has been respected for a reasonable period of time [12 months], are eligible for loans cash guaranteed by the State “.

The member of parliament elected from the district of Narbonne was vice-president from 2017 to 2019 from the commission on sustainable development and territory planning of the national Assembly. He was surprised in his letter that ” only 15 % of the cases do not resolve. “

The difficulties of the tourism

Many companies in the Narbonnais, often SMES or SMIS related to the tourism activity, experience a significant cash-flow problems. Their industry is severely hit by the pandemic of sars coronavirus. “The banks must not forget that it was the French that were saved in 2008, through their taxes “, he recalls.


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