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After several weeks of dilly-dallying, the protection masks are they going to be part of the equipment of daily French? In an interview granted to Gross on Saturday, the minister of Health, Olivier Véran, explained that in the context of the pandemic Covid-19, which now affects the entire planet, the important thing for the health authorities had to adapt.

“We learn, we learn a lot from this epidemic, and to be able to have other means of protection of the population, when we have lifted the containment, with an awareness of the complete population, it makes sense”, he explains in a first time.

Phase of discussions

Among these options, as had already been hinted at on Friday evening, at its point daily Jerome Solomon, director-general of Health, are therefore these masks of protection. While the government is considering the manner in which the déconfinement of the French could be carried out, the hypothesis of a long-term protection would be the order of the day.

“We must be able to produce masks, for people who are not caregivers, who are what we call people who are in the second row, of the people who will be in contact with the public, or even tomorrow, be able to propose to everyone to wear protection,” says Olivier Véran.

According to the minister, the project is currently in discussion with the scientific advisory board with experts in virology, with the health agencies, we are in the process of asking them to re-evaluate the doctrine, whether it is good or not good to do, is what we can do, and under what conditions, to offer to the French, and from when this is necessary,” he says again.

Companies and employees concerned about the

This decision could all the more be motivated by the pressures received by the government on this subject. According to our information, many trade unions, but also large groups, public and private, have come forward and have shown their concern about the health of their employees for the weeks to come. Many of them would require, moreover, a clear progress before returning to work.

In fact, the DGA (Direction générale de l’armement), has been hurried in order to register these masks, “civilians,” and several companies are already on the ranks for the produce. By the end of the month, the goal is a production equivalent to one million pieces daily.

France could also undergo the influence of the foreign. On Friday, Donald Trump announced that the health authorities were advising now to Americans to cover the face when they leave their homes.

“There’s a real inflection in the United States and WHO is in the process of reviewing its recommendations,” says professor KK Cheng, a specialist in public health at the university of Birmingham (England), favorable to the port widespread of the mask.

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