Coronavirus : 1 000 beds, 1 200 caregivers, 12 operating theatres… A hospital ship military arrived to… – franceinfo

This impressive boat has a mission to care for patients who are not suffering from the coronavirus, in order to relieve the hospitals must charge patients infected with the Covid-19.

Party of Virginia two days ago, the ship USNS Comfort arrived in the port of New York, Monday, march 30. On board, A 1 200 doctors, nurses, and technicians for a capacity of 1 000 beds. This hospital ship of the u.s. navy also has 12 operating theatres and laboratories. This behemoth of the seas has a duty toaccommodate patients requiring intensive care who are not related to the sars coronavirus, in order to allow the hospitals to focus on patients Covid-19.

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The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, hailed the arrival of this boat. “The fact that the navy is there, that the military is there to help New York at a time when our city is in need, it is very important. For the population of the city, which has gone through a lot of things these past few weeks, it’s back to the moral. It’s very emotional for all of us, we need help,” he said on CNN, while the vessel was entering the port of Manhattan.

The city of New York is the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States with more than 33 000 cases and 776 deaths, according to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins university. It must also open an emergency hospital in the conference center of the Javits Center. Four other sites throughout the city have been chosen to relieve the hospitals, overwhelmed these last few days by the influx of patients.

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