15 best Cities where you get massive income to live there

11-Utrecht, Netherland

it consists of social experiment of paying 900 euros just for living,they aim if people product or not in many such domains out there 

Utrecht City Netherlands

12-Kansas, USA

Kansas city USA
Kansas city, USA

they give parcels of land to thse who want to live there but you have to live for a certain period of time

13-Marquette, Kansas, USA

anyone who is ever dragon cross country via one to seventy knows Kansas has no shortage of open

space the states experienced declining population growth in the early 1900s so towns like Mark Waid have been giving out three plots of land in order to entice new residents might whoops three plots are located on the west side of the town in the Main Street edition

this is where the

Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette USA
Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette USA

further, the website promises which to sunset views toward the open fields to qualify for the free

the land you must agree to build a home on the land within one year and commit to living there for at least a year after your home is completed

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