15 best Cities where you get massive income to live there

5- Detroit Michigan,USA

Detroit was hit pretty hard during the recession which forced a lot of the city’s main businesses to close down, however, they offered free incentives now,

Detroit Michigan,USA Pay You To Live There
Detroit Michigan,USA

so that people will come live there.

first, off they are giving away a free hundred beaten-down homes that are up for

serious renovations through this program, the city will give you a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to renovate the homes,

it sounds pretty sweet except for the fact that these homes need a lot more than $150,000 to be renovated


anywhere in Alaska Alaska is a classic example of a place giving away free money so

that people can live there since 1976 ,

get an income to live in Alaska Cruise - City Centre Downtown Juneau area
Alaska Cruise – City Centre Downtown Juneau area

Alaska has paid its residents who live there via its permanent fund reserve, funded by Alaska’s oil royalties

evenly among citizens but before you pack up your bags and move to Alaska you should

probably know that the yearly rebate is around twelve hundred dollars 

7-Camden, England

you get a salary to live in Camden Town streetcorner,ENGLAND
Camden Town streetcorner,ENGLAND

if you’re a business owner looking for some cheap

land the Camden Maine is for you, the city of Camden will give you two point eight acres of land

if you agree to create twenty-four new jobs in the city.

it recently spent 1 million dollars restored land that is currently

valued at a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars you have to put up the

initial free money for the deal but once you meet the requirements the city will refund you that money

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