15 best Cities where you get massive income to live there

3-Kaitangata, New-Zealand

Kaitangata, NEW-ZEALAND

Immediately, when you arrive to live in Kaitangata city,

you will get a new apartment or perhaps a big house for $ 230000, this facility as it announced due to the lack of people out there, this is a good opportunity for who live In a luxury also  you can roam at the Lake Tuakitoto Lake and a suite cottages 

4-Miyakejima island,japan

This city in Japan is a volcanic island with sulfuric gas where an oxygen mask must be worn.

somewhats prefer to visit volcanos in the world if you wish, check our post about 7 Wondrous volcanos to visit

their purpose is to study the effects of this gas on humans

like these kinds of things makes the place not heavy thus to populate the area they offer a manner for free payout to people who really have the intent to go there and live

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